So this right here is a democracy?

Citizens have often been disappointed by the government that rules over them. Sometimes it’s the corruption, sometimes it’s the lack of productive decision making and policy formulation and sometimes it’s because their ideologies don’t match. In a democracy, you are often given an alternative choice. There will be multiple parties to choose from and the one that best fits your taste have a chance of coming to power.

Then there are citizens who find themselves in a state of absolute helplessness when you do not find any of them fit to rule. While one is corrupt and hopeless at leading the nation, the other is decidedly biased and only speaks for a certain section of the population, and this does not fit with your idea of what a ruling party should be. What is the use of a democracy then you ask?

Democracy or peoples rule, gives you- the citizens, the right to question the actions of the government and the people sitting in the ruling chairs making decisions for you. Therefore, even if you feel that an unfit party has come to power, you can satisfy your soul by telling yourself that the government will not be able to do as it pleases because, no matter how much power they have, they are still answerable to the citizens, the free press and the independent entity that is the judicial system. Doesn’t this seem like a grand system? Doesn’t it sound like a system which keeps everyone at their toes because of such a capital monitoring system? It would be if that was exactly how things worked.

But then put yourself in a “democracy” where the freedom of press is a joke; citizens’ right to question is shit as raising your voice against the government immediately grants you an arena where you are freely ‘slut-shamed’ or provides you with a passport and ticket to a certain country (still don’t understand why they keep resorting to this threat) or an even grander title of being a terrorist and anti-national; and the judicial system seems deaf, blind and mute to the events that are happening around them. Well, when this happens, no need to panic, calm down and accept your fate. You are now a proud citizen of a totalitarian state which puts on a tiny badge that says ‘democracy’ for fun. And you need to accept this fact fast because if you, for one second, believe that this will end in the next term you are sadly mistaken because with the excellent PR and the total uselessness of its rivals, this will come back to power and control your speech, your diet, your clothes, your everything.


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