The one that flew away

You may have noticed how some people have a personal ‘thing’ with them, which they carry around everywhere they go. It could be a particular jacket or t-shirt, a wallet, a pen or even a notebook. My friend had her umbrella. It was a gigantic and unapologetically purple coloured umbrella which protected her from rain, sun, and breeze as well as from morons on the road. It was her thing, and people even began to identify her with it (that girl with that huge ass umbrella?).

As inseparable as they were, here I will provide a grim account of how destiny separated her from her umbrella on that fateful windy day by the sea. It is not uncommon for people to lose their umbrellas, even a giant purple one which is taller than 25% of her friends. You may have heard sad tales of people losing umbrellas on the bus, in restaurants, libraries, classrooms etc. But not my friend. My friend lost her umbrella to the sea!

Let’s go back a couple of years, we are still in college and are yet to realise that life truly sucks. In those days, we enjoyed spending time outside and taking long walks to enjoy the breeze and the sun and blah and blah. It was during one of these days, an exceptionally gloomy and cloudy day that we decided that we will spend the afternoon walking beside the sea and enjoy the beauty with two other friends who spend their time documenting nature shit through photographs. When the day got breezier, my friend and I decided that we could benefit the entirety of this breeze if we stood at the end of this rocky path that stretched towards the sea. Attached to the end of this path was one strong rope which connected itself to a large Chinese fishing nest.

My friend decided to free herself of all burdens and carefully hung her purple umbrella (which she had not hooked together) on the end of this above mentioned rope. While she was enjoying the breeze and the view of the sea, her umbrella had already begun its slow journey towards the other end of this rope. By the time we noticed it, the umbrella was already half way across the rope. No amount of pulling or angling the rope was helping us with the umbrella and my friend started getting frantic. It was around this time that the wind started getting stronger, her umbrella began opening up its wings and finally when it decided to proclaim freedom over spending another second with my friend, it showed the finger to my helpless teary eyed friend and gleefully leapt into the ocean.

My friend was not someone to let go so easy, she cried and yelled out for help until a kind fisherman decided to jump behind the umbrella and rescue it. He failed, obviously, and my friend paid him for his bravery while I wiped the tears off my eyes because I just could not stop laughing.


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