A mere muse

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the title of the book being announced on stage. Her husband seemed to have frozen on his chair and snapped back to reality when a thundering round of applause followed the announcement. He got up and was looking around the room for his wife, held her tight, thanked her, held her again and walked up to the stage to collect the award.

She stayed at the table watching him walk to the stage, her heart still thundering against her chest. His eyes were as glossy as hers and neither could stop grinning. As he collected the award and shook hands with the presenter, she clasped her hands tight and burst out clapping once again.

He thanked everybody he could think of and finally thanked his lovely wife, “My constant inspiration and support. This book would never have happened without her. She is my muse, my guide, my everything. Thank You!” he repeated, looking right at her and she blew him a kiss.

She saw the title of the book being displayed behind him. The Eyes behind the Wall went the title. She smiled again, this time with pride and pain suffocating her heart “That book is the only thing I have done in my life. All those years of, of carrying her around, building on her and watching her grow”. She breathed out her hurt and forced the pride to take up all the empty spaces in her heart “She will always be a part of me. Each word in that book is cramped with my passion, fear, insecurity and an unbelievable sense of possessiveness. I don’t mind being cast aside as a mere muse to relive this very moment”.



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