The value of “you”

If you are an Indian girl and you are in your mid-twenties, then you like many others face this awkward and bizarre pressure from your family to settle down (directly translates to get married and make babies). They insist that you get married to someone of their choice (however, a lot of families are more open to the choices made by their children nowadays), or they provide you with multiple choices of grooms out of which you may choose the one you like best.
Keep in mind that you are expected to come to this decision as soon as you can, because the older you grow, the lower your demand becomes in the so called marriage market. Therefore, if you seek a groom who is still in his twenties, successful and from a good family, then plan in such a way that you get married before 26. But if you insist on waiting past this age, then be ready to settle for someone less eligible which includes divorcees and widowers (which apparently is supposed to scare the living daylights out of you and force you to just pick one from the eligible choices presented). Then there is also the issue of making babies on time. You want to be physically healthy and strong enough to bear children; therefore, it is only logical to be married earlier so that you remain healthy enough for a longer period of time. You are not to make suggestions about making babies without having to be married because then you will be cursed to settle down with a widower or divorcee or die a spinster. Also, if you choose to die a spinster, then you will be cursed to be the shrewd kind, because you will obviously be frustrated due to lack of action (apparently it is physically impossible to have sex if you are not married. You only unlock the sex level after you have legally married someone).
A very common question that you come across is “why can’t you just get married?” and the answer “I am not ready” is invalid and will not be registered anywhere. Other than that, if you try to explain that your career goals will require your undivided attention for a while longer, you will be looked upon as someone who has a major flaw in her system, and has to be immediately cleansed out by “getting her married” so that the flaw does not expand any further. Also, you can always pursue your career goals after getting married, even if the prospective groom is located in an entirely different city where your career has no business to be, you’ll find something else (because it is also physically impossible for the groom to change his current location. That just wouldn’t make any sense).
Therefore, do not put too much value to your identity; nobody gives a shit about that. Your appreciation lies in your willingness to be invisible and embracing it. Don’t try to change the flawless norms of the society by giving yourself too much importance.

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