That glitch in life

I am a girl in my mid twenties- which in India translates to ‘perfect marriageable age’. Now this is a crucial period because if you age past this bracket, then you are too old to be of marriage material and will then have to settle for an ugly old divorcee or widower (Not my words!). Your entire family has now loaded their guns and have set out to seek the most eligible bachelor for you (and if that is impossible to find, then just some dude who is of the same religion and caste- because what else could be more important). During this hunting saga, your preference of a partner falls on deaf ears and all you get in return are, ‘you are being too difficult’, ‘you can’t be that demanding’, ‘adjustment and compromise are the two keys to a happy and long marriage’, ‘sit back and let the elders do their job- they know best’. Your fate and your future literally rests on these ‘wisdomous’ people who also think that you should lie about your social life, your temperament, your skills and the extent to which you as a person can adjust with another person because ‘don’t let them think you are too modern and have loose values. You’ll never find a good guy by being so honest about yourself’.

In the midst of all this chaos, you will come across a bunch of interesting people¬†who could greatly influence characters of a book that you may or may not write in future; but then, you will also meet a person who speaks like you do and understands what you are trying to say. This person makes it easy to communicate and fearlessly speaks his mind out without worrying about the looseness of his character. You are finally able to at least begin to picture a life where you will be sharing your time and space with another person and doesn’t seem as complicated and difficult as it used to. Just when you are about to sit back and take your time to get to know this person a little more and make plans together to make each other comfortable, the ‘wisdomous gang’ comes back with another atrociously irrational demand- the matching of the horoscope event. The position of the stars and moons during the exact time of your birth should align suitably with the position of the stars and moons during his time of birth. Else the participant is disqualified.

And it is just my luck that ours didn’t match. This is an absolutely ridiculous situation because you don’t know this person well enough to actually argue with your elders and get your way and you don’t have the time or occasion to even pursue and get to know this person. And so that is that. Case closed!

Your elders move on to other eligible participants and you are just stuck in your life wondering what in hell are you supposed to even do here, because what you look for in a partner clearly doesn’t matter. You are just a piece in their board game and all you can do is watch them playing and hope that at least they are having some fun.


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